title sEVEN


Millions of job seekers in this country face a bumpy road to employment due to bias and archaic hiring practices. This film plans to shine a light on this truth, in hopes of affecting change on a corporate and possibly legal level. The only question we want employers to ask themselves after this film is released, is "Can they do the job or not?"



  • The average duration of unemployment for Older Workers is 54.3 weeks. 

  • Unemployment rates for those with a disability is 10.7%

  • Men occupy Executive/Manager positions almost 3x more than Women.

  • Transgenders experience unemployment at twice the rate of the population as a whole

  • Muslim-Americans are more likely to be employed part-time than any other group in America.

  • African Americans with same education and experience are on the job hunt much longer than white Americans.

  • From 2010 - 2015, the amount of people without Bachelor's degrees that were unemployed, increased by 2MM

The Civil Rights Act signing in 1964
The Americans with Disabilities Act signing
A Women's equal rights protest