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Directors:  Gabriel Avina

Producer:  Brandon Ross

Genre:  Documentary


Music can act as Medicine...if taken correctly. 

What is the link between a DJ and a Music Therapist? This film hopes to start the conversation that music can be used as a form of “medicine” instead of certain psychotropic drugs. 

title sEVEN

Directors:  Brandon Ross

Producer: Brandon Ross

Genre: Documentary


Take a deep look at the job search process of 7 diverse applicants, whose road to employment is paved with bias hurdles.


Applying for a job is already a difficult and frustrating task. Imagine if you're doing it with a disadvantage as soon as you start filling out that job application. This is the reality for Women, Minorities, Muslims, Experienced Workers, the Disabled, Veterans and those who don't hold a bachelor's degree. Everyone has something unique to bring to a company...just give them a shot to show you! 

AUM: You Are What You Drink

Directors:  Kanin Howell

Producer:  Brandon Ross

Genre:  Documentary


Watch organic winemaker, Peter Hoffman, use unique methods like meditation, yoga, and crystals to turn his AUM wine into more than just a drink, but also a tool for "self development"



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