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Brandon Ross (Executive Producer/Producer) - An entertainment industry veteran, who started his career off as a Talent Manager, with the firm T.M., INC. Management was an area which Brandon just fell into and something he ended up being good at, but his main passion was film production. So, after 10 years representing Actors, Writers, Directors, etc., He decided it was time to pursue his dream and try his hat out as a film producer. His first film was a Thriller, entitled ‘Blood Inc’. This was a great production and he learned a lot, but Brandon quickly realized that scripted films was not for him. He wanted to make movies about ideas and conversations which were happening around him.


Ross Moving Pictures (RMP) is a production company dedicated to

creating socially impactful non-fiction films, which will hopefully enact change in the world. As we have recently seen with the movie "Blackfish", documentaries have the ability to touch the human spirit and encourage people to act on causes they believe in. RMP is looking to bring stories to the marketplace that show a unique perspective on common issues that effect society. Our philosophy is that a person, place, or thing can hold a great story if you DON'T look at it head on. In today's society, people are gravitating to small niche groups online and offline; RMP is looking forward to being their storyteller.


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